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Wait! Before you try and clean that spill...

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, accidents will happen. When you encounter a spill on your oriental rug, the best solution is to do less, not more. Oftentimes, customers will bring in rugs for cleaning and explain what occurred and how they attempted to clean the spot themselves. When the results were not what they expected, the hope is for us is to perform what is seemingly a miracle.

For the best results, when a spill occurs, your primary objective is to absorb all the moisture out of the rug with paper towels. If the need to be helpful is in your DNA, a small amount of soda on a clean cloth may be used initially after soaking up the excess moisture. Removing and minimizing moisture is the still the goal. Carpet dries from the bottom to the top, explaining why stains will continue to appear if the entire spill was not through absorbed.

Once the spill is dry or manageable, brining the rug in for a professional carpet cleaning will render the best results. If cleaning solutions are used in an attempt to clean the spill/stain yourself, the effectiveness of the professional techniques and products we possess are less successful.

It’s hard for most to believe, however, one of the easiest stains to remove is red wine. We have solutions that are very effective. However, if the attempt is made prior to bringing it in, the stain may be set permanently.

We have heard many “tricks and tips” through the years; many of which will not

give you the results you desire. Bring it to us; we will always do the best we can to ensure your rug is healthy for years to come. Lastly, if you just aren’t sure what to do, give us a call. We can discuss the best options for your carpet cleaning needs and best possibilities to ensure your oriental rug lasts.

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